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Excipient Quality Agreement Template
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Equipment Trial Agreement

2.4. Sterling monitors, verifies and evaluates for the entire life of devices installed in the sterling mechanism for each growth cycle and collects and transmits to Surna data and feedback on the energy and operational efficiency of installed devices, as well as other relevant data and feedback on environmental and climate measures , performance measurements and optimization of devices that exploit performance metrics. , and increasing harvests in a format agreed upon by the parties (together „performance data”). 4.3.3. If a contracting party does not comply with or comply with the agreement it must respect or must comply with under this Agreement, that omission or violation is prosecuted without being found in accordance with this section 4, after the Party has been aware of such omission or violation; or 2.2. Surna and its existing and potential customers have the right to access the sterling facility to demonstrate equipment in a work environment after at least seventy-two hours (72) of prior warning to Sterling and subject to possible sterling safety requirements, to demonstrate the equipment in a work environment, provided that demonstrations are limited to one (1) one-hour turn per day on Tuesdays Wednesdays and Thursdays. All existing and potential Surna customers who enter the Sterling Facility are accompanied at all times by a representative of Surna and a Sterling representative, sterling agreeing to make an appropriate commercial effort for Keen to act as sterling representative. Surna guarantees and represents all existing and potential customers who enter the Sterling facility, qualified by Surna according to its standard and confirmed practices as a reasonable prospect of becoming a Surna customer with regard to a potential customer. All Surna customers, existing or potential, are required to execute a confidentiality agreement prior to a sterling facility demonstration visit. 2. The customer assures and guarantees that he does not currently have any device corresponding to the device shown here. 15. This agreement replaces all previous proposals and communications and sets out the whole agreement between the parties with respect to its purpose and can only be amended or amended in writing, which has been signed by both parties.

12. Each contracting party may denounce this agreement after written notification to the other party.

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