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9 października 2021
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10 października 2021

Subject Verb Agreement Gif

We use the singular form of the verb when the subject is: Compare the following pairs and see which one you prefer: there is a chair and there is a table in the room, so there is a chair and a table in the room. The subject-verb agreement refers to something accounting that interests us, these are varieties of wheat OR what interests us are varieties of wheat, but we usually do not. If we want to say that there is something, we usually start the sentence with the grammatical word „empty” and we say: note that we do not usually start sentences in English with an indeterminate substantive sentence. We could say, there is a chair and a table in this room NOT There is a chair and a table in this room? Subject-verb agreement. You don`t always agree! In your example of Tanya, it`s as if the articles are counted separately: but if the idea of plurality is very present, as is the case in your sentence about wheat varieties, Tanya, then this rule is not always followed…

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