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16 kwietnia 2021
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8 września 2021

Xr Rebel Agreement

The agreement on the rebels is a principle of consensus of action in the form of a leaflet that reminds the rebels of our basic agreements and which can be distributed to the public as part of street actions. The rebels are expected to spend most of their time away from the campsite. However, the rebels will receive these instructions prior to their arrival and, while on site, compliance with the guidelines will be monitored by camp leaders, at least four of whom are on duty simultaneously during the day and at night and have access to emergency numbers. The tables are only for internal purposes and the signing of this agreement, which is also a precondition for access and processing rights, makes it illegal to publicly share spreadsheets and all personal data. Together, our rebellion is the gift this world needs. We are XR and you are us. ❤🧠A chance to immerse ourselves deeper in what makes us the XR, to strengthen ourselves in unity and autonomy, and to find ourselves with other rebels from around the world. These workshops are ideal for old and new rebels! We are taking steps to raise awareness of the emergency situation in the land in which we find ourselves. We are acting to protect this country and the land, our homeland.

We are rebelling against extinction because our species and the many other people with whom we co-exist are threatened. We will work with and support other groups and networks in the UK and internationally, combining group actions and major events. We respect the diversity of movements and opt for different non-violent tactics in different circumstances. Extinction Rebellion rebels from 1 September in London, Cardiff with people from the north and Scotland who formulate plans while we write. There will be a digital rebellion for the rebels who can still travel to Asia for protection or to either of the three cities. These include spamming social media accounts, email addresses and government agency phone lines to close them online. More soon. However, we must also continue knowing that if we do not act, significant environmental damage will and will continue to be caused. Therefore, the rebels must balance the need to act with the need to reduce the risk of Covid 19 transmission as best as possible. The policy guidance contained in this document will help in this regard. Please note that the guidelines may change if the situation covid-19 and knowledge of the transmission change. What awaits you: If you want to withdraw your consent and stop hearing from us, simply click on the churn link at the end of each email we send or contact us on dataprotection@rebellion.earth.

We value and respect your personal data and privacy. Check out our privacy policy. By sending this form, you agree that we can process your data in accordance with these conditions. And so we rebel for it and call joy, creativity and beauty. We rise in the name of truth and revoke our consent to eco-products, oppression and patriarchy. We stand for a world where power is shared for regeneration, reparation and reconciliation. We rise for love in their ultimate wisdom. Our vision extends beyond our own lifespan to a horizon dedicated to future generations and the restoration of the integrity of our planet. I understand that if I do not respect this agreement, I may be asked to resign from my role at XR. In addition to protests and civil disobedience, we encourage constructive direct action that provides solutions to the climate and biodiversity crises we face. We encourage the creation of a regenerative culture that will support us if we focus on these solutions in more interconnected and cooperative communities. We will tell stories of positive change to encourage others to take action.

This will build a stronger narrative that will complement our opposition to the failure of the usual approaches to business.

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